Creating a Playful Environment to Help Users of the Media Library of Connerré

Signage, Education
Architect : Laurent Vié Architecture
Médiathèque de Connérré
Connerré, France, 2015

La Passerelle is the new media library in Connerré, France. The architect Laurent Vié designed the building, which is intended to be a place of life, gathering, and sharing. The cultural center initiative brings together a media library and a community hall. On Laurent Vié’s recommendation, the city entrusted us with the signage.

The budget for signage work was very small, so we opted for cut-out adhesives. We decided to develop a playful graphic universe by drawing a family of pictograms that customize the themes of the media library. We added a graphic constraint: each pictogram was based on a circle. The result was a nice family of very pleasant figures.