A score as a signage guideline

Signage, Arts & Culture, Education
Conservatory - Music, Dance, Drama, Arts in Pantin
Pantin, France, 2022
Architect: Novembre Architecture
Signage, Signage programming: CL Design
Photographer: Tony Trichanh

The new Conservatory of the City of Pantin is a geometrically shaped building designed by November Architecture. The targeted audience for this project was all those who inhabit Pantin; from amateurs to students.

The signage was intended to create a link between the four departments (Music, Dance, Drama and Arts).

The signage designed was inspired by musical score. We’ve created large scale patterns painted on walls to go with the wayfinding system.
We also developed large numbers designed particularly for this project.

Based on the graphic musical aesthetic, we decided to only use black and white colors on the concrete walls.