Redesign of the signage and the permanent tour of the Museum of the Middle Ages

Exhibition, Signage, Architecture & Heritage, Arts & Culture
Musée de Cluny
Paris, France, 2022
Architect: Bernard Desmoulin
Museographer: Studio Adrien Gardère
Photographer: Tony Trichanh

In 2022 the Cluny Museum reopens its doors. Bernard Desmoulins, who designed the museum's new reception area in 2014, is proposing a layout that ensures the accessibility of almost all the spaces. The scenography designed by Studio Adrien Gardère enhances the space by encouraging natural light and exterior views. The richness of the collections is highlighted by a refined design of the furniture.

In charge of the museographic graphics and orientation signage, we chose, in consultation with the Museum, to deploy the existing charter to maintain consistency throughout the project. The PMR route, which must adapt to the constraints of ancient and medieval buildings, is highlighted by a dedicated color.

We have enriched these graphic guidelines with a typography inspired by the Middle Ages for the titles of the texts. Illuminations echoing the collections indicate the different languages to visitors. The museum has chosen to maintain the text on the labels, sometimes reducing their legibility.