A link between past and present for the new museum of NarboVia

Branding, Communication, Exhibition, Print, Signage, Architecture & Heritage, Arts & Culture
Narbonne, France, 2021
Architect : Foster + Partners
Museographer : Studio Adrien Gardère
Photographer : Tony Trichanh

In 2021, the NarboVia museum designed by architects Foster + Partners is openning. The architecture is articulated around the lapidary gallery where the museographer Adrien Gardère has imagined an unusual device to present the famous ancient "bas-reliefs" of Narbonne. This wall of lapidary relies on the most modern techniques of automatic industrial shelving and stacker crane, able of moving and exposing in an evolutionary way all the collection made up of nearly 2000 Roman lapidary elements.

The logotype composed of two lines symbolizes this wall and its modularity. The "Louize" typography used for this logotype is a contemporary interpretation of the ancient lapidary engravings. The graphic guidelines that we developed plays with strong colors on which the "bas-reliefs" stones are taking place.

The titles of the exhibition uses this idea of interlocking, they are displayed into several lines, supported by a block that allows to play with the image without losing his visibility.