Showing the way around the Richelieu Theater new peristyle

Signage, Arts & Culture
Comédie Française
Paris, France, 2021
Art direction, signage: CL Design
Object design: FandD
Photographer : Tony Trichanh

In 2021, the Comédie Française is taking advantage of its forced closure to rethink the spectaros reception and to renovate the peristyle.

As part of this renovation, the redesigning the signage system. We are honored to work on this project with the director Éric Ruf. He is committed to revamp the image of the Comédie Française. And also, he would like to show more of the backstage of the institution.

The dispatch of the visitors in the peristyle is a major issue for the organization of the theater. The public must be seated within 20 minutes.

We worked with the designers duo FandD. We have created objects inspired by the pulleys and ropes which are used to change one set to another during the representations.

Regarding the font, we used the Sainte Colombe. It's a contemporary typeface inspired by a 17th century font : the century of Molière.