Rethinking the Jeu de Paume signage by reusing the LED panels

Signage, Arts & Culture
Jeu de Paume
Paris, France, 2021
Photos: Tony Trichanh

In 2021, the museum of Jeu de Paume in Paris is renovating its building. A new reception area will be created, as well as a new level dedicated to visitor services.

This renovation is an opportunity to rethink the wayfinding to improve the visitor experience.
The new signage has to be compatible with the modularity of the museum exhibitions, which can be on one or two levels, starting on the first floor or on the first floor.
We chose to reuse the LED panels to limit the environmental impact of the new signage and rethink the sign posting.
New objects were manufactured in addition to the existing ones.
In line with the new branding, the signage guidelines plays on screens in reference to the photographic dots and the LED panels to keep a visual consistency.