New Branding for a Restaurant in the Carreau du Temple in Paris

Branding, Food, Drink and Hospitality
Architect : Milou architecte
Interior designer : Pravda Arkitect
Le Jules
Paris, France, 2014

Named “Le Jules” in honor of the architect Julius of Merindol, the Carreau du Temple restaurant is a bistro where you can eat on the go before going to one of the many events organized on the site. Laura Gonzalez signed the decor with a majestic grey marble bar placed at the midpoint of the original metal structure.

In conjunction with the Square, we wanted to work on a French-style graphic universe inspired by the 19th century, while maintaining a refined and contemporary style. We used the Core Circus font on the logo. The letter design is minimal and geometric, but the double line recalls the work of 19th century teachers. The Neutraface font and a colored geometric motif complete the graphic universe, allowing the branding to be applied to all supports, from the placemat to the plate.