Creating the first Maison de Champagne of the 21st century

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Grande Charte
Reims, France, 2018
With l'Agence Française
Photographer : Tony Trichanh

Grande Charte is the first "Maison de Vin de Champagne" of the 21st century. The vintages are certified organic and available by an exclusive personal allocation. This newcomer to the world of Champagne takes its name from a text from the 11th century " Grande Charte Champenoise" (Great Champagne Charter). This text defines which lands are included in the Champagne wine region.

The studio was in charge of creating the logotype, the packaging and the whole graphic universe of the brand. We wanted to mix historical symbols and the simplicity of a contemporary identity.

We decided to create a coat of arms created with symbols representing each founding partners. All the details have been thought out and designed with care, like the gothic G from the original manuscript printed at the top of the bottle.

We supported the client in his eco-friendly approach by helping him to source the most sustainable materials.