Designing the visual identity of a spirulina brand that is off the beaten track.

Branding, Communication, Digital, Food, Drink and Hospitality, Retail
Les Siffleurs
Viols-le-Fort, France, 2021
Photographe : Tony Trichanh

The market for organic spirulina is booming, as this edible algae is believed to have many virtues. In 2019, in Viols-Le-Fort, in the Pierre Rabbi region, a young couple decided to launch a spirulina farm to offer a French quality production.

In charge of creating the visual identity, the packaging and the website, we suggest to our clients to get out of the very medical codes of their competitors and to be inspired by the universe of the delicatessen.

To accompany the logotype, we propose to draw mascots as a nod to the duo. We created a duo of funny birds to sign the different packagings. The accompanying colours are warm and bright to create a cheerful graphic universe.