Redesigning a brand identity for the international expansion of “La Maison du Whisky”

Branding, Communication, Food, Drink and Hospitality, Luxury & Fashion
La Maison du Whisky
Paris, France, 2022

La Maison du Whisky is a family-owned company founded in 1956. It has 5 stores worldwide and an e-shop established in 1999, with an exceptional reference base. It is the French specialist in importing and distributing rare whiskies and spirits. With its expansion, there is a need to bring consistency to the “La Maison du Whisky” and the "LMDW" brands and its multiple adaptations for both BtoB and BtoC.

In order to reinforce this expert positioning, the logo must convey a sense of detail and perfect mastery. We we inspired by the typographic composition and symbol of the logo from the 1970s and we decided to design a very minimalistic typographic arrangement. In addition to this logo block, we redesigned a symbol composed of a M and a W weaved together. The typographic block is “responsive” and comes in 2 versions to adapt to any collateral. There is also a condensed version "LMDW" representing the parent company. The colour palette has been developed in golden, black, and white for BtoC tools and expanded to ambers, greens, and blues for BtoB applications. The Riforma typography is used for texts, along with Jjannon.