The Carnavalet Museum – History of Paris – Gives a Voice to the Parisian People

Branding, Communication, Architecture & Heritage, Arts & Culture, Public & Politic
Musée Carnavalet
Paris, France, 2017

The Carnavalet Museum is currently being renovated and is scheduled to reopen in 2020. A recent survey indicated that Parisian visitors are not familiar with the museum, which suggested that the phrase “History of Paris” should be added to the name.

To answer this need, we created a typographic block that placed “Musée Carnavalet” and “Histoire de Paris” on the same level. We used a bold font to highlight the second part of the name.

Valérie Guillaume, the museum curator, gave the inhabitants of Paris a prime spot in the collection. To translate this new idea graphically, we suggested using quotes from famous and not-so-famous Parisians. The concept was applied in all the different languages, and translated very well on social media.

“I have two loves: my country and Paris.” –Joséphine, dancer