Creating a monogram for a company that promotes French craftsmanship in the Middle East

Branding, Digital, Architecture & Heritage, Luxury & Fashion
Logotype, Identité, UI design : CL Design
Art de Vivre
Paris/Dubaï, 2019
Development : Cyril Kasparian
Photographe : Tony Trichanh

Art de vivre accompanies architects and designers in the Middle East. It provides them with all the riches of high-end craftsmanship for tailor-made creations. The visual identity had to be refined and elegant but adaptable to different worlds.

In order to keep the style pure, we chose to write Art de Vivre with a lineal. To accompany the name and mark the territory of the company we created a monogram from the initials. This geometric graphic sign is both timeless and decorative.

For the catalogue we presented the furniture families, starting with lifestyle visuals that allow you to project yourself into a furnishing project. The choice of an uncoated paper with gold hot stamping of the monogram evokes the subtlety of the finishes offered in the Art de Vivre collections.