Graphic design for the Narcissus Theorem exhibition at the Petit Palais

Exhibition, Arts & Culture
Petit Palais
Paris, France, 2021
Scénographe : Maciej Fiszer
Photographe : Tony Trichanh

At the invitation of the Petit Palais, Jean-Michel Othoniel is taking over the entire museum and its garden. This is the artist's largest solo exhibition in Paris since his "My Way" retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in 2011. The artist weaves a web
of unreality, enchantment, illusion and liberation of the imagination. His works are embedded in the building, suspended from trees or placed on the water; they interact with the architecture of the Petit Palais and the gold of its garden.

Inspired by the theory of reflections that the artist has been developing for nearly ten years, we have chosen to treat the mediation on large supports that function as mirrors.