An exhibition where 18th century architecture meets 20th century automobiles

Exhibition, Arts & Culture, Luxury & Fashion
Graphic design
CL Design
Château de Compiègne
Compiègne, France, 2019
Château de Compiègne
Scenographer: Flavio Bonucelli
Light design: Raymond Belle
Photographer: Tony Trichanh

"Concept Car, Beauté Pure” is an exhibition of new cars in a unique place, the ‘Château de Compiègne’. Inventor's follies, concepts for aerodynamics or design, these vehicles all have something to surprise the visitors.

Between the decor of an imperial and royal castle and the automobile design of the 20th century, a strong graphic identity had to be chosen. We chose to treat the design in a sober and contrasted way, echoing the avant-garde design of these cars!

Immaculate white cubes serve as supports and contrast with the decorative richness of the castle. They trace a path through this exhibition visible throughout the castle and guide the visitor on his journey.