Back side - Back to the wall

Exhibition, Architecture & Heritage, Arts & Culture, Luxury & Fashion
Graphic Design
CL Design
Paris Musées
Paris - France, 2019
Jean-Julien Simonot
Light Design

Pierre Antoine
Paris Musées - Pierre Antoine

Palais Galliera presents Back side / Dos à la mode at the Musée Bourdelle

The exhibition Back side/Dos à la mode is devoted to clothing as seen from the back - an unexpected subject in a society obsessed with the face. The display extends from the great plaster hall to the contemporary extension of Portzamparc, passing through Antoine Bourdelle’s workshops, where the models presented seek to establish a dialogue between fashion and sculpture with the creations of this great master from the turn of the 20th century.

The visitor is surprised at the entrance of the exhibition by a large, immersive graphic fresco that presents 400 frontal silhouettes from the 2019 Summer Season parades. We have chosen to process the texts on media that reflect the ephemeral nature of fashion. The quotations are cut up by mirrors and play on the visitor’s reflection, revealing their face within the exhibition.