Creating the graphic design for an exhibition dedicated to the American Indians

Exhibition, Signage, Arts & Culture
Scénographe : Maciej Fiszer
Photographe : Olivier Garcin
Musée des Confluences
Lyon, France, 2021

American Indians" have always fascinated us, and have fired the imagination of young and old alike. The Musée des Confluences in Lyon is hosting an exhibition entitled "On the Trail of the Sioux" which traces the construction of the image of Indians in Western culture. Why do we see them this way? And, in what we imagine, how much is true and how much is false?

The exhibition invites us to follow the thread of this long iconographic construction, during which the Sioux gradually took on a central role, to the point of embodying, on his own, the "American Indian". The graphic design creates immersive universes thanks to large landscape slideshows.

To highlight the two routes presented, we chose two fonts. We chose BB-Bureau,
a chiselled and caricatured typeface, for the main route. For the cross-curricular route, which reflects the true history of the American Indians, we chose Clarendon, a typeface with strong American connotations in popular culture.