10 thousand years of Luxury revealed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Exhibition, Arts & Culture, Luxury & Fashion
Graphic design
CL Design
Louvre Abu Dahbi
Abu Dhabi, 2019
Scenographer: Studio Adrien Gardère
Multimedia: On-Situ
Light design: ACL
Photographer: Mohamed Somji - Seeing Things

This exhibition, organized by the Louvre Abu Dhabi in partnership with the Museum of Decorative Arts and Agence France-Muséums - celebrates a history of luxury around the world through 350 objects - fashion, jewelry, art, furniture and design.

The scenography is a journey from antiquity to the present day, oscillating between contemplation and surprise, abundance and rarity, extravagance and sobriety, sophistication and simplicity.

To portray this history of luxury throughout the world, we have chosen to welcome visitors with a world map painted in gold leaf. The typography selected for the title is inspired by the codes of the world of luxury. The labels are in 3 languages and are guaranteeing a perfect legibility. The design required a constant dialogue with the scenographer and the curators.