Graphic design for the exhibition “Hypnosis” at the Nantes Museum of Art

Exhibition, Arts & Culture
Musée d'arts de Nantes
Nantes, France, 2020
Scenographer : Pascal Rodriguez
Photographer : Tony Trichanh

The exhibition "Hypnose" (Hypnosis) at the Musée d'Art de Nantes is an opportunity to question a hypnotic approach to art. It's part of a long tradition accompanying the whole history of modernity. Not only a history of forms but a history of attraction mechanisms on the spectator that remains to be written.

The exhibition is divided in two parts, the first part, a multimedia installation by the American artist Tony Ourlser around the collective imaginations of hypnosis, presented in the Oratory Chapel. And the second part in the lower floor of the "Cube", as a historical introduction, an exhibition dedicated to the historical links between art and hypnosis, from Franz Anton Mesmer to the present day.

Our approach has been to confuse the visitor's perception. The Musée d'Art de Nantes gave us "carte blanche" to design the corridor of time in the entrance to the exhibition. We chose to immerse the visitor in a immersive illusion. The typeface chosen for the titling, the "Parabole", disturbs the visitor because of its very particular geometrical construction. The exterior signage of the exhibition uses hypnotic spirals, creating holes that merge into the different spaces of the museum. To accompany these disruptive effects, a range of colours (brown, purple, green and ochre) creates a disturbing and mysterious atmosphere of the exhibition rooms.