Create a brand block for the logo of the Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d'Art de la ville de Paris

Branding, Communication, Digital, Print, Arts & Culture
Bureau du design de la mode et des métiers d'art
Paris, France, 2021

Entrusted with creation of the Bureau of Design, Fashion and Art Professions’ new logo and graphic charter, we were immediately faced with the length of its name. How do we set about creating a strong signature despite this constraint? We decided to highlight the word “Bureau” and use the other words – design, fashion and art professions – as a signature.

The Bureau’s graphic universe had to be identity-building and unique, but also had to know how to take the backseat when presenting a creator’s work. Here, the word “Bureau” is composed of simple geometric shapes that form letters and symbolise the various entities grouped under the organisation’s name. These shapes are also stamps that mark the Bureau’s three main missions: a rectangle for les Ateliers de Paris, a circle for les Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris, and a semicircle for le prix Savoir-faire en transmission.

These shapes come to life in the graphic universe. They create motifs to decorate covers and accessories and add a signature to certain images. The palette has been reduced to three colours for the launch: yellow and sea green are combined with the City of Paris’ navy blue.