Creating innovating graphic codes to launch the first Landscape and architecture Biennale in Versailles

Branding, Communication, Digital, Print, Architecture & Heritage, Events
Biennale d'Architecture et de Paysage
Versailles, France, 2019
Branding, Signage, Communication, UX/UI design: CL Design
Communication strategy: Métropolis

The first "Biennale d'Architecture et de Paysage" (Biennale of Architecture and Landscape) is a major event for the Île-de-France Region, which aims to pursue an innovative and sustainable urban planning and development policy.

To create a strong identity we proposed the use of the acronym "Bap!" which becomes a hammered interjection like a slogan. A range of electric colours is placing the event in a very trendy register. These colours are also used on all the applications : from the leaflet to the banner which is leaving a pop mark on the city.

The "Bap!" website offers the opportunity for the identity to be alive. The navigation principle is set on a single page that is divided into two parts as you progress through the visit. The electric colour schemes reinforce the concept and make the user experience more fluid.