To create a graphic identity system for Avant-Scène, a national theatre in Cognac

Communication, Arts & Culture, Events
Cognac, France, 2022

Avant-Scène in Cognac is a national venue that offers a wide variety of shows, covering diverse themes and genres such as theatre, opera, dance, circus, and comedy. It is also an artistic residence that actively engages in artistic and cultural education for students. Its director, Stéphane Jouan, approached us with the goal of making the range of shows accessible to as many people as possible.

Given the diverse programming and visuals provided, we have chosen to propose a recurring graphic system based on three key elements: a palette of colours for each season, a consistent layout, and a single font for all communications. This combination of principles creates a distinctive visual identity for the theatre, despite the variety of visuals to be used. The composition grid is designed to highlight expressions or looks, with a zoom-in feature to enlarge the image. Each new publication incorporates two colours from the current season, resulting in a unique visual for each show while maintaining a cohesive look across all media.