Creating a Wayfinding System in Three Languages for a Multi-Level School

Signage, Education, Public & Politic
Architect : Auer+Weber+Assooziierte
Photographer : Arthur Lockhart
École Européenne de Strasbourg
Strasbourg, France, 2015

The European School in Strasbourg is a unique model in France. It offers every lesson in English, German, and French. It welcomes students from kindergarten through high school.

We proposed a range of colors that could be adapted to the different sections: pink for kindergarten, purple for primary, and burgundy for high school. The interior supports consist of colored strips, and the names play with the building design by evolving on the walls and angles.

We adapted the height of the signs and pictograms to the students’ age group. For example, in kindergarten, the markings are very low to be visible by children from 3 to 5 years old. We used a linear font for French, an italic for English, and a mechanic (geometric wheelbase) for German to make it easier to read.