Create a communication campaign to encourage Parisians to sort more

Communication, Public & Politic
Mairie de Paris
Paris, France, 2023

As part of the preparations for the 2024 Games, the Paris City Council aims to launch a series of cleanliness campaigns and create a mascot to unify all these initiatives. The goal is to encourage Parisians to adopt better waste sorting practices "for the games and for the future." We have been commissioned to create the campaign that kicks off the series, informing Parisians about the introduction of a third weekly collection for the (yellow) waste bin starting from September 2023.

We began by developing the concept of the mascot, envisioning it as a sports coach. The coach allows us to provide advice and encouragement without being overly prescriptive. What features should the mascot have? Representing a perfectly inclusive human being proved challenging, so we imagined a humanoid or animal mascot, but did not reach a unanimous result. Ultimately, we proposed not showing the face of the coach, but suggesting their presence through a part of their body: the hands!

The tagline we proposed for this first campaign, "Ready, set? Sort it out," evokes the world of running and launches this series of communication campaigns. In parallel to the campaign, we also proposed bin liners that incorporate sports-related language to congratulate Parisians for their efforts, such as "Well done," "Bravo," and "3-2-1: Sort!"