Guiding “Institut Français de la mode” (Parisian Fashion school) students through the brighter renovated spaces

Signage, Education, Luxury & Fashion
Institut Français de la Mode
Paris, France, 2021
Architect: Patrick Mauger Architecture
Signage, signage programming : CL Design
Photographer: Tony Trichanh

In 2017, “La Caisse des dépôts” launched an architectural competition to bring together several fashion schools in the “Cité de la Mode” building. The goal of this project is to transform this building in a fashion center. The project must be in line with the history of the building designed in 2009 by Jacob + MacFarlane.

Patrick Mauger's team won the competition in 2018. One of the main issues of the project is to create of luminous spaces within the existing building. Patrick Mauger wants to creates convivial spaces with the help of o a central staircase. He uses wood and glass as the main materials for this project.

Our approach for this signage project is very minimalist. We uses the graphic guidelines of IFM (Institut Français de la mode). The wayfinding is using two axes named "street side" and "Seine side”. This helps the building to be part of its urban environment. A non-binary pictogram was designed to replace the traditional gender pictograms in tune with the IFM teams. A board display areas are integrated into the walls at each room entrance to limit unauthorised posting without restricting creativity.