Transforming an Industrial Building into a Congress Center

Signage, Arts & Culture
Architects : Atelier Marc Barani and Christophe Presle
Photographer : Olivier-Henri DANCY
Centre Jean Prouvé
Nancy, France, 2014

We started the studies by making a photographic report of the building of Claude Prouvé, son of Jean Prouvé, intended to house the new Congress Center in Nancy, France. These pictures were used to isolate colors, materials, and frames. The stencil work was imposed on us in connection with the industrial past of the building.

The typographical choice was a font designed in the 1970s by Milton Glaser. The typography, contemporary of the building, takes its place in the hall via large suspended signs. On the upper floors, visitors are guided by stencil typographical compositions on the walls. Flagged pictograms indicate the restrooms to the hurried visitor.