Come and dig into the origins of electronic music.

Exhibition, Arts & Culture
Graphic Design
CL Design
Philharmonie de Paris
Paris, France, 2019
Philharmonie de Paris, musée de la musique
Scenographer: Maciej Fiszer
Photographer: Gil Lefauconnier

The "Studio Pierre Henry" exhibition at the “Musée de la musique” recreates the composer's creative space. It physically invites the visitor to experience, through sound manipulation, his influence on contemporary music, from psychedelic rock to electro.

The scenography and graphics design plays together to recreate the overwhelming and warm atmosphere of this visionary musician.

The wood and the images we have chosen, allow us to give back the context and to highlight the inventive richness of his music.

The graphic design is didactic and guides the visitor in his exploration of the roots of electro through the manipulation of the various devices.