Transatlantic Friendship History at the French-American Museum in Blérancourt

Exhibition, Signage, Architecture & Heritage, Arts & Culture
Musée franco-américain de Blérancourt
Blérancourt, France, 2017
Museographer, Scenographer : Studio Adrien Gardère
Photographer : Philippe Chancel

For the renovation of the French-American Museum in Blérancourt, France, the museographer Adrien Gardère (Studio Adrien Gardère) proposed to tell the story of the French-American friendship by following three themes: ideals, ordeals, and arts. Each theme takes place in one of the three parts of the building.

The graphics play on two fonts: a serif and a non-serif that symbolize the confrontation between the old continent and the new world. This choice allowed French and English to be treated in a similar way in terms of weight and size, without ever allowing one language to dominate the other.