Refondre l’identité des architectes Matte, Devaux, Rousseau

Digital, Print, Architecture & Heritage
MDR Architecture
Paris, France, 2014
Communication : Metropolis

In 2014, Architects Matte, Devaux and Rousseau decided to rethink their communication. They entrusted us with a mission to design their tools: showcase website and portfolio. We insisted on changing their branding during the kickoff meeting.

They concluded that they needed an acronym based on their three initials: MDR!, which reads as “Mort De Rire” (“Die Laughing” in French, the equivalent of LOL), but also stands for, as a watermark, their native MéDiteRranée region, where the three friends decided to base their agency in 2001, after ten years of working in Paris.

We proposed a logo within which the initials blend together in a very geometric way: the end of one letter sketches the beginning of the next. The new logo is highlighted on the book by cutting it out on the cover, while the showcase website highlights the visuals of the projects.