Designing an orientation system for ‘Angers Ice Parc’, the new ice rink of the ‘Ducs of Angers’.

Signage, Healthcare & Sport
Graphic Design
CL Design
Angers Ice Parc
Angers, France, 2019
Agence Chabanne / Alter
Photographer: Tony Trichanh

The new ice rink ‘Angers IceParc’, designed by the Chabanne architecture Agency and managed by the UCPA, offers the city of Angers a new place to practice leisure skating with a fun track and a new training area for the Dukes of Angers with an Olympic track. The people of Angers will be able to enjoy the games with an ice rink that can accommodate up to 5.000 spectators. 

The wayfinding challenges are high on match nights. We have decided to assign one colour per spaces: one colour for the play area, one for the sports area and a third colour is dedicated to public spaces. The signage displays respect the graphic guidelines of the city of Angers and the guidelines of visibility for all type of visitors. Graphic backgrounds, in the form of pictograms in motion, animate some of the walkways.