Strong identity and colourful signage for the UCPA multi-sports complexes

Signage, Healthcare & Sport
Paris, France, 2022
Architecte : TVK
Design du restaurant : Cut Architecture
Direction artistique, Signalétique : CL Design — Design des objets : FandD
Photographe : Tony Trichanh

UCPA is launching multi-sports complexes in France. This new concept allows to practice in the same place sports as different as skating and padel tennis. The UCPA Sport Stations also offer innovative services such as a daycare centre, hostel and restaurant.

Consulted for a global signage mission and for the interior design of the restaurant area, we teamed up with Cut Architecture. The identity of the UCPA Sport Stations had to be playful, pop and urban.

We chose to create a graphic system that asserts itself in each complex whatever the architectural signature.

A colour is assigned to each sport to mark the different spaces. Graphic decors composed of geometric patterns reinforce the presence of colour in the space. Directional signs with coloured lines make the traffic flow more smoothly.

We have written the instructions in the form of nudges and kept the playful tone desired by the UCPA.