Large-Scale Signage for the New Stadium Bollaert-Delelis Stadium in Lens

Signage, Healthcare & Sport, Public & Politic
Stade Bollaert
Lens, France, 2016
Signage Programmation : Locomotion
Architect : Cardete Huet
Artistic Direction : Studio Adrien Gardère

The Lens soccer stadium reopened in 2016, after being renovated by Cardete and Huet in association with Pierre Ferret. After working on the Time Gallery at the Louvre Lens, the Adrien Gardère Studio was entrusted by the city with the design of the boxes at the Bollaert stadium. Thanks to our loyal partner, we were entrusted with the directional signage for the stadium.

Inspired by the enthusiasm of RC Lens fans, we decided to use the soccer team’s colors to create a graphic world that would have a strong identity. We designed a family of pictograms to be used on a very large scale in order to ensure maximum visibility during the game. The illustrative style echoed the friendly atmosphere that prevails on game nights.