Signage at the Level of the Resistance Figures for the Musée de l’Ordre de la Libération

Signage, Arts & Culture
Architectural conservator : Mouton
Scenographer : MAW
Photographer : Arthur Lockhart
Musée de l'Ordre de la Libération
Paris, France, 2015

After three years of rehabilitation, the Museum of the Order of Freedom in the National Hotel of the Invalides reopened its doors in 2015. It is devoted to the history of the companions of the French liberation. There are remarkable heroes among them: Jean Moulin, Pierre Brossolette, Romain Gary, Marshal Leclerc, and Winston Churchill.

We won the bid for the branding and graphic design of the permanent exhibition. At the museum’s request, we created a new logo inspired by the colorful pattern of the “Ordre de la libération” medal. We used the black and green striped ribbon as a typographical design framework.

To contextualize the collections, we incorporated our graphic design into the display cases to accompany the emblematic objects of the Resistance (2,000 objects are on display). Visitors are able to locate the most important historical events thanks to the graphic design of the numerous maps along the route.