Parisians in the 19th century at the Musée Carnavalet

Exhibition, Architecture & Heritage, Arts & Culture
Musée Carnavalet
Paris, France, 2011
Scenographer : MAW

The exhibition, designed by Philippe Maffre (MAW), offered visitors an unusual journey to the heart of 19th century Paris.

We used the graphics of the period as inspiration to recreate the atmosphere of Parisian streets: signs, posters, and leaflets. Decorative graphic signs were used to enrich the compositions and highlight the different texts.

The graphic elements usually found on the streets at the time were adapted to different content typologies: the store signs became the section names, the street posters became section texts, and the leaflets were turned into labels. We used enlargements of period images as wallpaper to immerse the visitor into the Parisian streets of the 19th century.