Communication for an Arts festival in the streets of Cognac

Communication, Arts & Culture, Events
Cognac, France, 2023
Photographer: Tony Trichanh

Each year, on the first weekend of September, the Avant-Scène theatre hosts arts festival in the streets of Cognac. It's an event that offers the chance to discover unique scenes in every corner of the town. The festival must have a strong identity, while remaining affiliated to the Avant-Scène theatre.

Having already been in charge of the theatre's communications, we were entrusted with communicating the festival. We opted to adopt the three main pillars of the annual programme's graphic system: a palette of colours for each season, a systematic layout and a single font for all communications.

The 2023 colour palette is used on the various applications and is repeated throughout the event circuit. The colours serve as visual markers, making the festival's offer visible and accessible to everyone. These colours also tie in with the colours of the festival's artistic centrepiece, designed by Thomas Lanfranchi: a white and red kite.