Enhancing the Branding of the ESPE Paris

Communication, Public & Politic, Transport
Université Paris-Sorbonne
Paris, France, since 2015

ESPE’s are the training centers for future teachers (formerly IUFM). All the ESPE’s in France share the same logo, but each region has its own color. In competition with other regions, the ESPE Paris contacted us with its imposed logo and purple color. We had to create a communication axis that differentiated the organization and the graphic identity universe.

We proposed to design a visual communication that would accompany the logo. For a communication aimed at future students, we suggested to highlight the cultural assets of the capital through a catchphrase: “the capital stage of teaching professionals.” We combined the visual with an illustration of the city of Paris from the sky. The capital’s roads spelled out the words ESPE and linked the main monuments.

To reinforce the graphic universe, we associated a red fluorescent Pantone with their purple color, and treated all the documents and the iconography of their communication in this two-color process. These two complementary colors contribute to a strong graphic universe, and the user rules are now compiled in an exhaustive charter.