Football and the Arab World - The Football Revolution

Exhibition, Arts & Culture, Healthcare & Sport
Institut du Monde Arabe
Paris, France, 2019
Graphic design / Signage: CL Design
Scenography: Pascal Rodriguez
Photo: Julien Discrit

Sport and more particularly football have played a decisive role in the development of national identities. 
Sport's involvement in social struggles remains very strong in the 21st century. 

The exhibition Football and the Arab World - The Football Revolution at the Arab World Institute in Paris presents 11 epic stories of football players and supporters in the Arab world: the Algerian National Liberation Front team, the famous player Larbi Ben Barek, the rise of women's football in Jordan and the city of Cairo as football capital...

Like a player entering a football field, visitors discover a world in  football colors in an immersive scenography designed
by Pascal Rodriguez. The range of primary tones echoes the national flags present at every game. We have chosen to use the famous
octogon shape of the panels of the football as a frame for the texts and for the seating furniture. The graphic element are going
from the walls to the floor to create different universe from one room to the next.