Communicating on Cointreau’s new image

Communication, Food, Drink and Hospitality, Luxury & Fashion, Retail
Illustrations : Myriam Huré
Paris, France, 2013

After consolidating Cointreau’s place in the cocktail world, Rémy Cointreau dusted off our grandmothers’ recipes with Cointreau Cuisine. The miniature version of the iconic bottle is equipped with a spray that allows the liqueur to be sprayed in touches on culinary preparations.

We worked on various communication media to support the launch. The first axis consisted in promoting the product in the high-end grocery stores that would distribute it. For that purpose, we designed a cardboard box that unfolded like a corolla behind the bottle and made it visible on the shelves.

The second axis was the creation of a recipe booklet. The timing was too tight and the budget insufficient for a photo shoot, so we convinced the team to illustrate the steps involved in preparing recipes instead of using stock photography. We worked with illustrator Myriam Huré, who also edits a culinary fanzine.