A law firm that stands out in the stock market world

Branding, Digital, Print, Consultancy firms, Justice
Change avocats
Paris, France, 2018
Illustrations : Fabien Clairefond

Nicolas Cuntz walked through the door of our office with a strong and original vision for his law firm specializing in transactions, regulations, and stock market litigation.

He entrusted us with the realization of a branding that would reflect his desire to stand out from his competitors.

Our branding plays on the codes of the stock market world: a contemporary language of tight paragraphs and a wide body typography reminiscent of tickers, these water-green light strips on which financial transactions scroll.

We use GT Sectra, a typographic typeface with shapes cut by a beveled feather. The color green, very present in this graphic universe, is a nod to the fruit homonym of the profession in French.