Finding the right tone for a chartered accountants firm specialized in data analysis

Branding, Digital, Consultancy firms
Versailles, France, 2020
Vidéo : Atelier b.

Altermès is an auditing firm created by three former KPMG employees in 2020. The firm specializes in data analysis and deploys interdisciplinary teams.

The visual identity highlights this distinctiveness by using graphic codes borrowed from the digital world. The logotype is built from the PX Grotesk font, which is designed to work in a small size on the screen and has the particularity of transforming certain curves into pixels. This technological predisposition lends the visual identity a “geek” aspect that highlights Altermes’ technological competency.

The graphical universe is set into pop and electric tones and plays with pictograms inspired by charts and diagrams used by data analysts to illustrate their conclusions.