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CL Design
Bayonne, France, 2010

Reviving an old Basque liqueur by revisiting elements found in the company archives.

In 2011, the Rémy Cointreau group decided to relaunch the forgotten Basque liqueur Izarra. To play on the regional trend and because the liqueur is known to the Basque consumer, the group decided to re-establish the brand in its region of origin.

Project Manager Vincent Clabé-Navarre made some incredible discoveries in the archives and online research. He was able to find a large amount of old advertising campaigns from the glory years of Izarra.

Based on this research, we proposed using the existing codes and redesigning the graphic elements on the label, as well as some recurring elements of the vintage campaigns. We developed a toolkit to meet the different needs of the product launch. All the elements were compiled in a booklet that tells the story of Izarra.


Bayonne, France


Rémy Cointreau

Year 2011

Branding Logotype Print

CL Design