A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Print, Arts & Culture, Luxury & Fashion
Cherries on the boat
Paris, France, 2011

Cherries on the Boat is a group of contemporary art collectors united by their passion for the emerging scene. The project was structured in several phases from 2009 to 2011: the discovery of the artistic scene’s vitality, the acquisition of pieces, the setting up of an exhibition, and the writing of a catalogue to close off the adventure.

What branding for an exhibition presenting artists whose only connection is to have been acquired by this group of collectors? What branding for a group of collectors whose only common denominator is their taste for contemporary art?

We decided to play on the poetic name of Cherries on the Boat by creating a gradient from blue to pink. The abstract visual replaced the images in the communication, and came with a very minimal and timeless typographic logo.