A Strong Calling in the Urban Landscape to Mark the Branding of a Very High-End Shopping Mall

Signage, Public & Politic, Retail
Les Docks
Marseille, France, 2016
Architects : 5+1AA architectes
Photographer : Arthur Lockhart

Historically, the Docks have been positioned on the dividing line between the sea and the city of Marseille, France. The strong and trenchant division of the territory allowed architects Alfonso Femia and Gianluca Peluffo of 5+1AA to transform the space into a place of dialogue. Their concept was to integrate the two souls of the city, the urban and the maritime. The port, the village, and the food market are the three themes that, thanks to surprising materials, unexpected scenography, and adapted plants, punctuate the new spaces of this symbolic building in Marseille.

The historic façades of the building were preserved and perfectly integrated into the urban landscape. We designed a monumental sign to mark the various entrances: each letter defines an entrance and names it. Orientation signage was processed in cut-out metal letters. A commercial graphic guideline defines the rules to be followed for the various brands. Each store had a sign cut out of metal, which ensures the building’s homogeneity.