Creating a range of signage furniture for a courthouse in an historic building

Signage, Architecture & Heritage, Public & Politic
Palais de justice de Poitiers
Poitier, France, 2020
Photos : Tony Trichanh

This architectural project by Brossy + Associates consists of a rehabilitation and expansion to repurpose the building of the former Lycée des Feuillants, which is partially listed as a historical monument, as the new courthouse for the city of Poitiers. The project seeks to rejuvenate the premises to meet the standards of the court administration while preserving their rich cultural and historic heritage.

We devised a range of signage furniture with a highly polished design to meet informational needs. The signage furniture, which can be either freestanding or wall-mounted, is composed of a tubular structure and white trespa panels.

We selected a font that exists in both serif and sans serif versions for the signage guidelines. This allows us to prioritize the information by reserving the serif font for the various courts while practical information is presented in the font’s linear version.