A Complete Makeover for the Yvelines Prefecture

Signage, Justice, Public & Politic
Préfecture des Yvelines
Versailles, France, 2015

The main entrance hall of the prefecture of Les Yvelines in Versailles reopened its doors in September 2015, after going through a renovation and extension. The prefecture entrusted us with the signage. Orientation was a key point in welcoming an audience that is often under stress in this administrative context.

The hall was renovated in a sober and neutral manner, so we suggested treating the signage with color to create rhythm. Each service was associated with a shade. Color became a precise reference point for all users and took precedence over the name of the services. The Altuglas markings, applied directly to the walls, fit the architect’s counter-forms, pillars, and corners. Dyed in the mass, they bring bright colored touches.