Designing a “Cleanliness” Campaign for Paris City Hall

Communication, Events
Mairie de Paris
Paris, France, 2019

“Cleanliness” is a hot topic in Paris, where the density per km2 is one of the highest in Europe. How can Parisians be encouraged to practice good habits during public celebrations? This is a key issue for the City of Paris. The campaign is updated each year with the arrival of summer. 

For the 2019 edition, the City Council wanted to set a firmer tone. We imagined a catchphrase that plays on the different meanings of the word "Clean" (Propre in French) to catch the attention of onlookers.

This catchphrase is treated like a slogan, while the text highlights the penalties incurred.

Illustrating the different incivilities can be unappealing if the subject is treated too realistically. The creation of illustrations with a clear line allows for a visualization without bypassing the subject. Playful nudges highlighting services provided by the city add the final touch to the campaign.